Ikuvilo Primary School

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Ikuvilo Primary School is located in Ikuvilo village, Iringa rural district approximately 25 Kilometers from Iringa town. There are 549 students ranging from pre-primary to standard 7 who are educated by 8 teachers/staff members.
The school faces a big challenge of accessing safe and clean water. Currently students are using water from an old well in the village, which is contaminated and always has long lines, or from streams around the area. They need to bring water to school daily for consumption, cooking, watering flowers and general cleanliness. Fetching water from these unsafe sources interferes with class time and causes students to miss important lessons and valuable study time. Their education suffers and they perform poorly on exams.

The school does have 16 adequate latrines which they will be able to keep much cleaner by having a water source on the grounds.
Project Proposal: Shallow Well
Having a well at the school will provide a clean and safe water source for the students, teachers, and neighbors to use. This will help reduce the number of students and staff members that become sick with stomach illnesses and diarrhea. Students will also benefit by having more time for their studies and their performances will improve.

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