Mitalamaria Islamic Primary - Boys Latrines

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There are 430 primary school aged students and 10 staff at Mitalamaria who both practice their Islamic religion and attend regular school classes. They are committed to good hygiene as Muslims, though other students (Christians, Catholics, other) also attend this school. The head teacher is also the founder of the school and very committee to ensuring the children are safe.
The sanitation situation for the students is dire and truly unsafe and undignified. They have been on a wait list for latrine blocks for 3 years. The conditions in which they bathe and use restroom facilities is horrible. A normal sized person cannot even fit inside the collapsing stall, so many kids end up going outside. The staff care for the students, many of whom are boarders (they live at school during the school year). Their compound/land is small but if we are able to demolish the old 'facilities' while they are on a break, we can ensure the school doesn't miss a day without any place to 'go'. They have taken very good care of the water harvesting system our implementing partner, Drink Local Drink Tap, installed a few years ago and are a perfect candidate for new latrines.

Drink Local Drink Tap is committed to ensuring ALL children have access to clean water and sanitation in Uganda. Their drainable, long-lasting VIP latrines have child friendly innovations and quality work and materials that can withstand the harsh sun and conditions of Uganda.

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