Ssango Project Complete

September 10, 2021
We are pleased to send this update on Ssango Primary School latrines and bathing area. 

Project Update: Ssango Primary School- Mpigi District, Uganda
Our implementing partner, Drink Local Drink Tap (DLDT), constructed two buildings (one boys, one girls). Each building has several stalls for the students of Ssango. One stall has physical handicap adjustments, one stall has small child considerations, the male block has a urinal and the female block has a bathing room for feminine hygiene care. Each building has a handwashing facility that is filled with soap and water daily.

In the photos, you will see that even the military leader in the area came to see the project and say thank you. Due to Covid-19 shutdowns and travel restraints as well as political elections in Uganda, there were several delays, but in the end, the project is considered a great success!

In early 2021 Ssango also received a new borehole well along with a supply of water filters (This portion of the project was not sponsored by H2O for Life).

Thank you to the following for supporting this project!

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