Mawira Primary - replaced by Caphilimbule Primary (year 2)

Mozambique 442 beneficiaries Tete Province

Project Complete!

Mawira Primary School is located in the village of Mawira in Tete Province, Mozambique, which is in the southeastern part of Africa. Mawira is on the road between Tete City and Zobue and is about 45-50 km from the border near Tete City. This part of Mozambique is far from any major cities and is very rural, with the primary occupation being subsistence farming.
Mawira School has three classrooms with a population of 430 students in grades 1-7 and 12 teachers. There are currently two failing latrines built out of straw, one for the boys and one for the girls. The school desperately needs proper toilet blocks to improve the sanitation/hygiene situation. Currently the children have to bring water from home and/or walk long distances to fetch water that is usually dirty and contaminated by animals.
The project proposal includes putting in a deep bore hole well, a toilet block and implementing a hygiene education program. The school building was recently finished and the local people have made bricks to be used for building the toilet blocks. Hygiene education is essential to the well being of the children and will be facilitated by Sebber Banda, a public health nurse. She will use skits to augment her teaching. 

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August 26, 2021

Toilet Blocks Complete

The COVID-19 virus led to the closing of the Mozambique border in early 2020. The closed border prevented our implementing partner, The Outreach Foundation, from getting their workers, supervisors, and...

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