South Sudan School 2 (2020)

South Sudan
$3,500 needed (64%)
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Our South Sudanese projects are quite unique from our others in the fact that they are not typically built at a school. These projects are built in villages with the plan that a school will form around that well in the future. The reason for this difference from our other projects is that South Sudan in its war-torn state is in desperate need for even the basic infrastructures to begin new communities. These South Sudan projects are not named because they are not typically schools yet at this point in the process. They will simply be a community well.

In South Sudan, millions of women and children trek for up to eight hours a day to collect water from marshes, ditches, or hand-dug wells where water is often contaminated with parasites and bacteria. The results are sickness, even death. By providing access to clean, safe water and facilitating hygiene education, We sow the seeds for growth. Once a well is drilled, schools, markets, and clinics spring up in the coming years, and life changes, especially for women and girls.
Project Proposal: New Water Well

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