Katebee Primary School

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Project Complete!

Katebee Primary School is located in Rwandama Village, Nabiswera Subcounty, Nakasongola District, Uganda. 
As you can see in the photo of students Gracious and Robina collecting water, there is no clean water available for Katebee Primary. Not only will a new water source help the school, but it will help the community. Currently students miss a lot of school due to sickness and not having a nearby safe water source. 
Project Proposal: 20,000 liter Rainwater Harvesting System with Water Filtration
Two 10,000 liter plastic water tanks with tap stands would collect water and make it easy to distribute via tap stands. A first flush provision helps with some dirt removal and a final filter in the classrooms will have water available for drinking any time of day.

Project Sponsors

Glacier Creek Middle School

Cross Plains, WI
June 6, 2019

20,000 Liter Tank

The new 20,000 liter water catchment system at Katebee Primary School was recently opened and everyone is very happy! From our implementing partner, Drink Local Drink Tap:

"They will be able...

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