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Nicaragua 43 beneficiaries Ciudad Dario

Project Complete!

El Porvenir’s (our implementing partner) vision is of “healthy, educated Nicaraguans achieving a better quality of life for themselves through an integrated approach to accessing clean and plentiful water.” We do this by helping to improve the standard of living of rural Nicaraguans through water, sanitation, health education, and watershed management projects. 
Since 1989, EP has partnered with rural Nicaraguan communities to build water and sanitation projects. Over the years, our approach has expanded, yet the focus has remained on access to clean and plentiful drinking water. In 1993, the first latrines were built; which was crucial in order to protect the quality of water in wells and water systems. 
With the construction of these three latrines, in the school, we will be contributing to the improvement of the hygiene and sanitation in the school, in addition to the practice of healthy habits. They can have a private and well-constructed place to perform their physiological needs, without any danger of contamination, a specific place to wash their hands after leaving the latrine and before snack time. We are sure that in developing this project, we will be contributing to better health for students in the school and the members of the Community of El Hato.

Project Sponsors

Ranney School

Tinton Falls, NJ
October 25, 2019

New latrines for Hato students

Check out the new latrines at El Hato School in Ciudad Dario, Nicaragua!

Thanks to Arvada West High School, CO and Ranney School, NJ for supporting this project!

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