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Project Complete!

In a little hut, in a little village, Alice Sayo was born into a large Maasai family. Through efforts of her mother and elder brother she was able to attend school and became a teacher. Her passion is to give other Maasai girls the chance for a brighter future. Without the opportunity to attend school, Maasai girls are married at a young age, and their opportunities are limited. Alice attended a teacher exchange program in the United States through the US State Department and convinced the teachers and students of James Madison University, VA to support her dream of creating a school for Masaai girls.  Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls is the beginning of her dream. As Nasaruni grows, other donors, have helped support the school. H2O for Life staff and volunteers have visited the school, and see the potential that Nasaruni is bringing to the surrounding Maasai communities. We are proud to support this school through our partnerships with you!
The mission of Nasaruni is to empower Maasai girls through an educational focus that provides traditional courses and life skills, embraces their positive cultural heritage and transforms local communities for a brighter and sustainable future. In Kenya, the  Maasai culture is changing from a life of nomadic herders to one confined by fences. It is important for girls to learn farming skills and entrepreneurial skills as their lives change. Nasaruni is providing opportunities for girls to be leaders of change. Education is key. The school is thriving.  From a small school of 30 students, Nasaruni now serves over 120 girls and has added a boarding school opportunity for the older girls.  As the school expands, their need for water and sanitation also increases.
The proposed project will provide a block of latrines with a hand-washing station and a shower. The water will be piped from the existing borehole well (provided through the support of H2O for Life). Provision of gutters and tanks to add additional water resources through rainwater catchment.

Project Sponsors

Aid for Africa

Chevy Chase, MD

Hillbrook School

Los Gatos, CA

We Help Two

Longview, TX
September 4, 2019

New latrines underway!

Here's a quick snapshot of the latrine construction at Nasaruni Academy. It's fun to see the progress!

Many thanks!!!

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February 25, 2019

Overnight at Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls

Our wonderful H2O for Life Schools have funded a deep bore hole well and water storage tanks that feed the girls dorm for shower and toilet use. These projects have...

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