Asili Girls Vocational Secondary School

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The Asili Girls Vocational Secondary School, is a catholic founded all-girls school in Lira, northern Uganda. This school is brand new and is still under construction. The school has two sections, a primary school with 580 pupils and a secondary boarding school which currently has 250 girls who also live there in dorms.  
The head teacher from the primary school, Sister Grace, told us that they would like to build a fence around the boarding section of the school, to keep the girls safe in the evening, but right now they are unable to because a fence would make it harder for the girls to get water in the evenings. The nearest source of water is a hand dug well that does not produce safe water, but right now it is the only water source nearby.
Project Proposal: New Well
The school would like to have a well on the school property so that they can fence off the perimeter and make the dorms safer at night.

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