WASH intervention for Jose Trinidad

December 10, 2019
Located in a rural area of Trojes, Honduras, Escuela Jose Trinidad has 2 teachers and 52 students (27 girls and 25 boys). Our implementing partner, Pure Water for the World, was able to address the water and sanitation needs of this school via the installation of 1 bio sand filter and building gender specific latrines with a handwashing station. 1 km of pvc piping was installed from the nearby water source bringing water directly to the school grounds for their new facilities. Hygiene training for both the students and the teachers was included as well to increase long-term sustainability. These workshops included personal hygiene, environmental hygiene and menstrual hygiene.

The ability to access safe water in school enables the children, specifically young girls, to be able to stay in school, complete higher education and eventually pursue opportunities for a better life. Clean water will not simply contribute to improved health, but also addresses a root cause of cyclical poverty. Improved community health will contribute to increased productivity, self-efficacy and economic stability in the entire region, empowering the community to take ownership over its own success and future. In most Trojes schools, hand washing is not widely practiced and crowded schools offer prime opportunities for children to contract illnesses both from a lack of clean water and sanitation and from each other. By promoting safe water, hygiene and sanitation habits to children in school, we can also reinforce their home practices. When children learn important health habits at school, they tend to relay this newly acquired knowledge to parents and siblings at home. With these components, this project offers a broader investment in communities and helps ensure and strengthen the overall sustainability of our work.

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