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This is a private Primary School founded by parents in Ruhija village. Ruhija is a simple village (no electricity, one basic clinic, small local stores) on the edge of Bwindi Forest. There are few sources of income other than moving away to the closest town (Kabale) approximately 2 hours away. Tourism is developing as this is a gorilla tracking centre. At the school there is a very high level of parent/community involvement combined with a commitment to maintaining low fees and providing a good level of education and nutrition.
Water is a big issue throughout Ruhija village - there is a single community tank in the village centre but water supply is strictly controlled and villagers have to pay to collect water from that source. Free water has to be fetched from a spring or streams at some distance. At Ruhija Parents Needy Children School there is currently a small plastic tank which holds enough water for 2 days’ supply after rain. Therefore the majority of the time the children are sent to fetch stream water which includes a steep walk/climb back or, if funds allow, water is brought by a lorry. The school provides food to day pupils and the small number of boarders and therefore water is essential. The community are relatively well educated with regard to health and hygiene and all water is boiled. The school has recently constructed pit latrines but there are no hand washing facilities due to lack of water.
The school has sufficient metal roofs to collect water and rainfall in Ruhija is sufficient to supply water for most of the year. Guttering is needed as well as a permanent (concrete) tank. A Community Water Project based in Ruhija (funded by the Bakiga Tourist Lodge) has agreed to organise construction of a tank at this school if funds can be raised for the materials and labour. Their engineer has visited the school and advised that a 15,000L tank is desirable. The school community is committed to the project and agreed to provide labour, some materials and accommodation for the engineer. Once installed there will be sufficient water all year for drinking, cooking and hand washing at this school.

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April 10, 2018

All about Ruhija

Our school started in 2012 with 47 pupils. It started with a nursery section (baby class, middle class and top...

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January 18, 2018

Ruhija Water Catchment Tank Complete

The water tank at Ruhija was recently completed. More photos coming soon!
Thanks to Mason-Rice Elementary School 1st Grade for supporting this project!

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