St. Theresa Primary School

Uganda 216 beneficiaries Mpigi

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St. Theresa Primary School has approximately 216 students and is located the Mpigi District of Uganda. A shallow well with pump serves a population of about 3,000 people in this community. The students at St. Theresa Primary School walk a distance of about 2km to this current water source across a high-traffic main road. The walk to the shallow well includes a steep slope, dense vegetation and can be dangerous for students. Instances of harassment have occurred while students and community members have been fetching water. Occasionally, the school will have a tanker-truck come to provide water, which is an additional expense for the school. Having a water source directly at the school will allow students to fetch water without having to leave the classroom and provide a reliable source of fresh rainwater to the students and teachers. 
Project Proposal: Installation of a rainwater collection system (RCS) on school grounds, 2 hand-washing stations, and community WASH education.
June 17, 2019

St. Theresa Catchment Tank

St. Theresa Primary School is located the Mpigi District of Uganda. The students at St. Theresa used to have to walk to a shallow well with pump that serves a...

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