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Murushasha Primary and Nursery School is located within Mpungu District adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This is one of the most remote and least developed districts of Uganda. The school is relatively new (established some 4 years ago), founded by head teacher Gillian with the aim of providing an opportunity for children in this area to attend school for the first time.
The facilities at the school are extremely basic. Temporary mud and timber classrooms are being built and roofs were provided for the classes only recently. The parents build latrines in late 2015. There are no hand washing facilities due to lack of water. The community is becoming more aware of health and hygiene issues and the school is playing an important role, for example providing community education about, and treating, jiggers.
There is no water supply within easy walking distance – Murushasha is at the top of the hill beside the Bwindi Forest – to fetch water involves an incredibly long steep walk downhill (then back up again). Water is boiled before drinking.
Since July 2016, the school now has sufficient metal roofs to collect water. The school has put forward a proposal to place guttering below metal roofs and collect water into a plastic tank supported on a concrete base. A plastic tank is proposed as there is a possibility the school will move to a more expansive location in future. Therefore it would be wise to purchase a moveable tank in case the location changes. The project involves installation of guttering, a concrete base and provision of a large plastic tank sufficient to store several days' water. The school community is committed to the project and agreed to provide unskilled labor, some materials and accommodation for the engineers/skilled labour. Parents have commited to make a personal donation for each child in the school - this in itself is a massive contribution in this area of extreme poverty.
Once installed there will be sufficient water all year for drinking, cooking and hand washing at this school and the local community could also be allowed access to the water during the rainy season when rain will be plentiful.

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April 9, 2018

Catchment Tank a Success!

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January 18, 2018

Murushasha Water Catchment Tank Complete

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