Escuela Primaria Oficial Rural Mixta Cantón Chuitinamit

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San Pablo La Laguna is a community located on Lake Atitlan, which suffers from some of the highest rates of general poverty and extreme poverty in the region. The primary school in Cantón Chuitinamit receives insufficient funding from the national education ministry, and as the municipal government has scarce funds to make up the difference, the school has had to rely on numerous NGOs to provide resources for the children. Fortunately, several NGOs (Child Aid, World Vision, among others) have helped to provide: a computer lab equipped with the RACHEL e-library system; a marimba music room; health programming; and a school library. The school principal diligently leads his team of teachers to take advantage of these resources, in order to create a productive school environment for the students. As such, the school has consistently maintained a high level of student enrollment.
The school kitchen and the school bathrooms each have their own deposit tank. Each deposit is filled every night, but sometimes (as often as once a week, depending on the season) there is not enough water supply for the bathrooms, and they remain closed during class.
The project calls for: Connecting to an already installed piped water supply and doing the following:
- Construction of urinary toilet for boys bathroom.
- Repair of the roof in the hand-washing area.
- Construction of new girls bathroom.
- Remodeling of the current bathrooms.
- Construction of a new handwashing station

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