Msosa Primary School

Tanzania 558 beneficiaries Iringa

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Msosa Primary School is located in the Msosa Village, Kilolo district about 120 km from Iringa. The school has 558 student, from preschool to standard seven, and 8 staff members. There are 8 latrines for students and 2 for staff. Msosa typically has very high temperatures which makes access to safe water throughout the day very important.
The school has no access to safe water. They are currently fetching water from the Ruaha and Lukosi Rivers, which are shared with cattle and polluted, and a community well, which often has long lines causing them to miss classroom time. Time spent fetching water negatively impacts their school performance. The unsafe river water has been causing many of the students and staff to become sick with stomach illnesses, diarrhea and cholera. Students are also at risk of being assaulted while fetching water from these sources.
Project Proposal: A shallow well dug on the school grounds

Having a shallow well at the school would provide a clean and safe water source for the students and staff to use. This well will provide clean, safe water that will reduce the number of students and staff that become sick with stomach illnesses, diarrhea and cholera. Students would also benefit by having more time for their studies improving their performance.

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