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Madege Secondary School, founded in 2006, is located approximately 80 kilometers from Iringa, Tanzania in a village called Idete. The school has a total population of 521 students (271 girls, 250 boys). 
There is no source of clean water which is endangering the health and well being of the students and staff members. Currently the students walk 100 meters to the Lukosi River which is contaminated and not a safe source for water. Typically the girls are who fetch the water during the morning, afternoon, and again in the evening. Time spent fetching water interferes with their classroom time and negatively impacts their school performance. Students and staff often suffer illnesses that could be prevented by having access to safe water.
Project Proposal: A shallow well dug on the school grounds

Having a shallow well at the school would provide a clean and safe water source for the students and staff to use. This well will provide clean, safe water that will reduce the number of students and staff that become sick with stomach illnesses, diarrhea and cholera. Students would also benefit by having more time for their studies improving their performance.

Project Sponsors

AFSA High School

Vadnais Heights, MN

Aid for Africa

Chevy Chase, MD
July 17, 2019

Well drilled at Madege School

Madege Secondary School is located in Idete Lukosi village within the Kilolo district of the Iringa region. The school has 668 students from form one through form four and 20...

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