Lwabyata Secondary School

Uganda Nakasongola in Central...
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Lwabyata Secondary School is located in the dry cattle corridor of Nakasongola in Central Uganda.

These students are lucky to be at secondary school (high school), but they are forced to walk 8km (5 miles) one way to collect water from polluted swamps or a lake. It's next to impossible to get school work done or to attend classes regularly. Many of the students at this school have to board (sleep at and live) at the school because high schools are very rare deep in the villages. Therefore, because they live at school, their water needs are much greater.
At Lwabyata, we will drill a deep-borehole 70 meters through challenging rock, provide bio-sand filters for classrooms, and provide hand washing stations along with water tap stands. Project cost includes monitoring by Drink Local Drink Tap for one year (out of five), WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene education) training and water committee development. Lwabyata is a very special place. They have shown the initiative to find solar power, get computers donated and even have a science lab they've started. But, if they have poor health or waste their day collecting water, they will never be able to use these things.

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