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Mutua Primary School is located in the western part of Kenya in Trans-nzoia County in Mutua Village about 30 km from the town of Kitale. The school has a population of 800 pupils of which 300 are girls. 
The main problem in the school is that they do not have a source of safe water nearby. As a result, children walk a distance of 15 km to fetch water for cleaning the classrooms and toilets. They also use the water for cooking and drinking, and because the water is not safe and clean, they end up contracting water related diseases which causes poor attendance. This also often costs their parents to treat them with medicine and trips to the clinic. 
Our implementing partner, Kilili Self Help Project,  is an organization that trains women, school children and church members about how to protect themselves from water-related illnesses. Teaching them about the connection between good health and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).  KSHP women are able to build rainwater harvesting tanks so that people in their communities can have access to clean and safe drinking water. The women also build and install Bio-sand filters for purifying water for drinking, as an alternative to the expensive and environmentally degrading option of boiling. Finally, KSHP women can build high end latrines (not just pits in the ground) to avoid the unhealthy practice of open defecation. They also make liquid soap to ensure communities are washing their hands at high risk times during the day. 
The project at Mutua Primary School will include building a rainwater harvesting system with a 15,000 liter tank along with 8 Bio-sand filters to provide the school with access to clean and safe water. All students will be able to stay in school and study while women and girls will not have to walk long distances to fetch water. This will allow girls to focus on their education and give women in the community an opportunity to do productive activities to generate income for their families. With access to clean and safe water there will be a reduction in instances of water related diseases. Children will be taught to wash their hands after visiting the toilet. This project will improve the lives of all students at Mutua Primary Schools and at the same time empower women to bring clean water to many more communities.

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