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Katosi Church of Uganda Primary School is located in the Mukono District near Katosi on the shores of Lake Victoria. The school has a population of 500 pupils, of which 300 are girls. 
The students walk to school from far away villages and by the time they arrive, they are already tired. Shortly after getting to school, they are tasked with walking even more by fetching water at far away wells. To save time, they often choose to fetch the lake water which is closer, but very contaminated because the nearby community uses the lake as their toilet. There are snakes to avoid at the shores of the lake, men who bathe in the lake and a risk of being assaulted. They also have a risk of drowning because most of the students don’t know how to swim. Missing school to fetch unsafe water is a problem that affects their performance in class, their health and their safety. 
Our implementing partner has a team of women masons who have experience constructing rainwater harvesting systems with tanks, water filters and latrines. For this project they will construct a rain water harvesting system and 15,000 liter tank. The school is very familiar with these ladies because the women have also been coming to the school to teach proper hygiene education and have built another tank previously. However, this tank does not provide enough water all year round because the school population is high and the host community of 1500 people also share the water. This project will also include educating more pupils and the surrounding community members to practice safe sanitation and proper hygiene practices. These women also run a business to raise funds for sustainability. They make soap that contains a mosquito repellent as well as cleans skin. This is a valuable product in malaria prone areas. Access to safe water will decrease the spread of diseases and improve the performance of the pupils in school.

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August 22, 2019

Katosi WASH project complete

Katosi Church of Uganda Primary School is located in Katosi Sub County bordering Lake Victoria on the southern side. The school is surrounded by a fishing community with an estimated...

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