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Murushasha Primary and Nursery School is located within Mpungu District adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  This is one of the most remote and least developed districts of Uganda. The school is relatively new (established some 5 years ago), founded by head teacher Gillian with the aim of providing an opportunity for children in this area to attend school for the first time.  Few children attended school prior to the founding of this school due to distance to the nearest schools (over 5km) and cost (even government schools are not affordable to this community).  Within a few weeks over 300 children were attending Murushasha School. Fees are kept extremely low (less than Government Schools) and approximately 250 pupils are currently registered. There is now a high level of community involvement especially since part of the fees can be given in materials and labour.  Therefore parents/guardians are engaged in construction. To date Omushana has helped with roof provision, teacher salary top-ups and scholastic materials.  Construction of permanent classrooms commenced in early 2018 with a view to significantly improving the school structures by the end of the year.
In 2018, the Ugandan government created a new rule for primary schools that they must be licensed by central government or they will be closed by the Education Ministry. In order to get a licence a school is required to have good facilities including permanent classrooms (brick and plaster), water and a high standard of latrines. In 2017, significant advances were made including purchase of land for expansion, starting foundations of a 4 classroom block and construction of a water tank. The school has been given some time to complete the licence requirements but further construction including good standard latrines will be essential before the year end.  The current latrines are temporary structures with relatively shallow pits and timber shelters.  
The proposal is to construct two VIP (ventilated, improved pit latrine) blocks (1 boys and 1 girls) on the newly purchased land.

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May 10, 2019

New Latrines!

We are happy to report that the latrines at Murushasha Community Primary School were completed early in 2019. They constructed a 4 stance latrine block (pit latrines) with an exceptionally...

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