Sabane - A Year Later

October 15, 2019
Ever since the installation of their rain tank last year, students and staff at Sabane Primary School have had safe and clean water that is easily accessible in the school compound.

We were told on a recent visit how cases of typhoid and diarrhea, which once ran rampant through the school population, are very minimal today. The additional latrines have also helped relieve some of the congestion the school was facing before last year. The rain tank and its environs are well-maintained. The school compound is generally neat and tidy, and the sanitation facilities are kept clean since they have water to clean them daily.

“Our school was in dire need of clean and safe water and latrines, but since this project was implemented, the problem was solved. The water we used before was dirty and contaminated. The rate of absenteeism was high because of typhoid and diarrhea which was caused by the consumption of dirty water. Now the pupils hardly get sick and they have ample time to study instead of walking for long distances in search of water,” said Head Teacher Mr. Joseph Ilavonga.

One such pupil is 14-year-old Sandra Ludenyi, who recollected the changes she has seen and felt over the last year in her school.

“This project came at the right time when I was just about to join Class 8. I don’t have any excuse not to pass my exams because we don’t waste time anymore to walk for long distances in search of water. Sanitation and hygiene practices have improved due to the additional latrines, handwashing stations, and the [student health club] training we received when the project was being implemented.”

Our implementing partner, The Water Project, is committed to sustainability of these projects. Navigating through intense dry spells, performing preventative maintenance, conducting quality repairs when needed and continuing to assist community leaders to manage water points are all normal parts of keeping projects sustainable.

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  • Sabane - A Year Later
    Oct 15, 2019
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