Kapkemoi Primary School

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Project Complete!

Kapkemoi Primary has approximately 275 students, including early childhood students, and 4 permanent classrooms. The compound is large and is kept very neat. 
The girl’s latrines have many cracks, making them unsafe for use. There are boy’s latrines and a staff latrine that are currently adequate. Kapkemoi currently has an older rainwater catchment tank which will be renovated and cleaned. The gutter system will be expanded and improved in quality and length. The school currently has a Bio Sand Filter (BSF) for water purification. This BSF filter needs to be recharged and second BSF will be provided.
There will be a new girl’s latrine block built with 8-10 stalls. The pit for the latrine will be at least 20 feet deep and reinforced with concrete piers. The bottom of the tank will be reinforced with concrete and steel. The pit will be constructed to allow a truck to come in and pump it out as necessary. The school has two teachers who have been trained in hygiene education. These teachers will supervise a student health club that will be tasked with educating all others about safe water use, the importance of hand washing, and latrine maintenance/cleaning.

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