SHOFCO Water Project

Kenya Kibera

Project Complete!

PROJECT SUMMARY: To enhance the services offered at our clean water distribution kiosks, we have partnered with Gearbox Limited to improve and increase our service provision. In partnership with Gearbox, we are implementing a custom designed solar powered system which will offer a range of services to SHOFCO members. This system is currently in its prototype phase, and will allow SHOFCO members to purchase clean water using mobile currency (M-Pesa), as well as charge their mobile phones and connect to Wi-fi.
Water Management and Dispensing- SHOFCO members will be able to add mobile currency (M-Pesa) to their SHOFCO membership identification cards using the Gearbox system. Each time a SHOFCO member purchases water, the kiosk attendant can scan the barcode on their unique ID card and charge their accounts. This is designed to eliminate the risk of cash handling in Kibera as well as ensure accountability. Upon scanning a SHOFCO member’s ID card, the kiosk attendant will be able to select the preferred water quantity by the beneficiary. Once the kiosk operator is ready to dispense, he or she can press the button corresponding to the correct tap. The system is designed to dispense the exact quantity selected and update the SHOFCO member’s account accordingly. It is also designed to stop water dispensing automatically in the event that the account balance is exceeded.
Internet Connectivity- The solar power harnessed will provide internet connectivity via Wi-fi. This connectivity will be used for communication between the systems at each individual kiosk and the remote server. Additionally, the Wi-fi hot spot will also provide mobile device internet connectivity to anyone within a 10-meter minimum radius around the SHOFCO kiosk. 
Mobile Device Charging- The solar power harnessed will be stored and converted for use to members of SHOFCO while they wait in line for their turn to fill their containers with water. 
Solar Lighting and Security- A portion of the solar power harnessed will also be used to light the area surrounding the kiosk. Illuminating the area at night will boost security. In addition to the light system, a strobe light and buzzer will be wired into the system to further enhance security. 

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