Toilet Blocks Complete

August 26, 2021
The COVID-19 virus led to the closing of the Mozambique border in early 2020. The closed border prevented our implementing partner, The Outreach Foundation, from getting their workers, supervisors, and supplies where they needed to go. With no relief in sight for the restrictive border entry (a negative Covid test which is expensive, hard to get, and needed for both entry and exit), projects have experienced delays. Mawira Primary School is too remote to be supervised properly, so the decision was made to replace the Mawira project with a project at Caphilimbule Primary School. Construction of these latrine blocks was completed in August. We hope to have an update on the borehole well that is being drilled and installed soon. We now also have photos of the borehole well that was successfully drilled last summer.

Our implementing partner, The Outreach Foundation, was delayed in providing these photos as their main photographer, Sebber, was not allowed into Tete Province due to Covid. They have to depend on their pastors when they visit sporadically.

Photo Gallery