Butimba and Kikonda Primary Schools

Uganda 1,148 beneficiaries

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Well Rehabilitations at 2 schools.
Located in Kiziranfumbi subcounty, Kabaale road. They have a borehole at the school which broke 1 year ago. Pupils are advised to pack water from their homes because there is no a nearer source of water. The school has 530 pupils, 8 teachers and about 300 families who would benefit from the borehole if it is fixed.

Nearest town is Kabwoya on the Hoima Fort Portal road. The school has a borehole which has been broken for the last 2 years. There is no close water source at the school. Pupils are advised to get water from their homes when they are coming to school. Some pupils get water from the rivers they find on their way to school. The School has 600 pupils, 10 teachers, 350 families to benefit from the borehole.
Project Proposals: Well Rehabilitations

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Charlton Street School

Southbridge, MA

H2O for Life

White Bear Lake, MN

The Schenck School

Atlanta, GA
July 19, 2017

Well Rehab Complete

A new system of pipes, rods and a pump with handle were installed. There are two local schools with over 1,000 students and the villages have approximately 400 households that...

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