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A batey is a word that defines a community of people who live and work in the sugar cane fields of the Dominican Republic. Since the rapid expansion of the sugar industry in the 1930’s, Haitian migrant laborers have been brought from their homeland by the busloads to work in these fields. These migrant workers are offered extremely low wages ($3.50 per day) and withstand harsh working environments in the hot, vast fields.
It is estimated that there are over 200,000 people living in batey communities across the Dominican Republic. These communities began as temporary housing, but are now permanent residences as workers raise families and build small homes. Because many batey residents (bateyeros) do not have Dominican citizenship, the government and other organizations often overlook these areas and their basic needs, like access to safe water and proper sanitation facilities.
With the Community Hygiene Campaign WWR can improve the home level hygiene of up to 150 separate households by teaching improved hygiene habits and sanitation measures. The program will include the help of Club Agua alumni who will teach their families and fellow-community members and assist in the creation of a parent-community group to ensure success of the program. It will include: - 10 hands-on workshops - The creation of a WWR census identifying vulnerable and at risk families to target - 15 community clean-ups - House visits to teach proper water purification methods and techniques By incorporating the help of the graduate WWR Club Agua students into the program, WWR is effectively facilitating hygiene education through peer leadership, which will ultimately accelerate and increase the success of healthier and more sanitary communities.

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