Duramo Wemerera Primary School Grades 6-8

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Duramo Wemerera is a very rural school located in the hills of Bensa, Ethiopia. Most of the children in this school are sons and daughters of farmers and cattle herders. This school is comprised of 535 girls and 635 boys and has 8 grades.
The school does not have a safe water source on the school compound and children must bring bottled water to drink at school. Clean water helps students focus on studies as dehydration leads to lethargy and difficulty concentrating. There is only one latrine stance at the entire school for over 1000 children. There is no door, no walls, no roof, and no privacy. The result is that there is visible feces on the school compound and children often leave the school compound to find a place to go to the bathroom out in the open, which leads to the further spread of disease. There are no handwashing stations located at the school either. These poor water and sanitation conditions lead to stomach pain, flu, eye diseases like trachoma, and diarrhea. Most importantly lack of clean water and toilets is a big reason why 3 out 4 girls won’t finish primary school. Children and teachers need clean water and toilets at schools and you can help change that
Lifewater will work alongside the school children, teachers, and the PTA to improve the water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions. They will establish a WASH (Water access, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Club at the school which is a group of 30 students that learn how to share health messages to their peers. This after school club will be responsible for keeping the latrines clean and educating their peers on the importance of drinking safe water, using a latrine, and practicing good hygiene. They will install a block of latrines (5 doors) for female students, with a changing room as well as install a block of latrines (5 doors) for male students. A hand dug well will also be installed which will provide a safe water source.

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October 2, 2018

Duramo Wemerera Impact Report

Our implementing partner, Lifewater International's, program in Bensa, Ethiopia aims to serve 50,000 children and families living in very remote and rural villages. The average amount of time women and...

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