Police Primary School

Uganda Kaabong

Project Complete!

Police Primary School is located in the eastern part of Kaabong Town Council in the Karamoja Region. In their culture, the people believe in defecating in the open field as it is believed that if women use the latrine, it will stop them from birthing children. This is a very remote part of Uganda and one of the poorest regions in the country. Food is scarce, and during the rainy season, the area floods so badly, it prevents anyone from coming in or out, unless they have a tank or a helicopter. 
Due to the lack of education in health, this school, has very poor hygiene and sanitation practices. There is one dirty, smelly latrine which cannot care for all of the children and the staff. Girls suffer more because they are always lining up in long lines along with the boys during class times to use the toilets. Sometimes, when they cannot wait, the girls go behind the toilet or in the nearby bush to relieve themselves, where they are at risk of getting attacked or abused. Also, because of the bad hygiene practices and lack of latrines, the children are getting sick with diarrhea, stomach pain, body rash and hepatitis A. 
We would like to construct two four-stance ventilated pit latrine (VIP) (four for girls and four for boys), two washing bays for girls when they are menstruating, and six hand washing facilities. By adding these facilities, the school will have healthier children, a reduced level of student illnesses, an increase in student’s in class performance and a rise in the enrollment and retention of girls. A woman led organization will work with the local community as it has already trained a team of 60 women on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) management and how to construct technologies. These women, with the community, will provide labor and training for the construction of toilets, wash bays and hand washing facilities. With your help, we have the opportunity to provide a healthy future for these children.
August 20, 2019

WASH Intervention - Police Primary

In 2018 H2O for Life funded a number of women led organizations working in East Africa to promote safe water access and better sanitation services in schools. Action for Women...

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