Kathungu Primary School - Boys Toilets

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Kathungu Primary is a public day and boarding School which if found in Makueni County of the Republic of Kenya. This school was started in 1974 with grass thatched classrooms. Today there are 247 boys and 242 girls. The school has 10 streams which are managed by the 16 teachers with leadership from Mr. Richard Musau the head teacher and his deputy Mr. Wambua Mutisya. The school performs very well both academically and in sports.
The school management committee identified that the school does not have enough toilets for the boys. The 247 boys usually queue to share the two blocks of latrine made up of 8 holes. The worst part is that this latrine is almost full and about to collapse.
This proposal is to construct a 12 unit Ventilated Pit Latrine for the 247 boys.The implementing partner will ensure that the facility is constructed with the recommended standards and quality materials. It is also expected that the school management will continuously play an important role of ensuring that the facility is well maintained. They will also collaborate with the Ministry of Health to train the pupils on Water, sanitation and hygiene. The facility will be constructed in a way that once filled up; it would be extracted for re-useĀ 

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