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Childhood health and well being are linked to the success they have in school. School children, who have access to clean drinking water and have adequate sanitation, increase their ability to learn as their health is not compromised by the devastating effects of water borne diseases. Good health is as essential to education as are text books.
In most Haitian schools, hand washing is not widely practiced and crowded schools offer prime opportunities for children to contract illnesses both from a lack of clean water and sanitation and from each other. By promoting safe water, hygiene and sanitation habits in children at their schools, we can also reinforce their home practices. When children learn important health habits at school, they tend to relay this newly acquired knowledge to parents and siblings at home. With these components, this project offers a broader investment in PWW program communities and helps ensure and strengthen our overall efficacy.
This project specifically entails installing biosand filters, gender specific latrines, handwashing stations and laying pvc piping from water source to the school, for each school in addition to offering comprehensive hygiene training for all students and educators. For years to come, the new students will have clean water to drink, a latrine to use, and hygiene lessons to learn. The community will contribute to the building of the latrines, attend parents training sessions, and will be part of an on-going Parents Club to make sure the program is sustainable. These schools will each receive filters, appropriate buckets for non-filtered and filtered water, gender specific latrines based on WHO standards, hand washing stations and hygiene training for teachers, students and families. For students leaving schools, the lessons they learned will carry with them through life.

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