Durato Dela Impact Report

October 2, 2018
Our implementing partner, Lifewater International's, program in Bensa, Ethiopia aims to serve 50,000 children and families living in very remote and rural villages. The average amount of time women and children spend fetching water every day is 2-5 hours. The amount of water an individual uses every day is 2.1 gallons. Bensa is an area of great need. In addition, Lifewater is working to serve all 16 schools in Bensa with safe water and toilets. At the beginning of the program in 2017 0 of the 16 schools had both safe water and toilets. Currently 5 schools have been served and the additional 11 schools are in the process of being served.

Durato Dela Primary School: 1880 students
STATUS UPDATE: New boys and girls latrines have been constructed and a safe water source has been installed. The school had no water source prior to this.

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