New well for village in South Sudan

June 11, 2019
We are pleased to report that our implementing partner, Water for South Sudan, has drilled the well that you sponsored. Although parts of South Sudan continue to experience unrest, they have been able to continue drilling wells safely. Their work continues to provide grassroots development and sustainability for rural villages and schools. The installation of a new well can also serve as a starting point for conflict resolution between different groups, bringing peace and stability. 

Your well is in the village of Alatip in Mading-Juer, Tonj, South Sudan. The village chief is Peter Mawien Mawien. GPS coordinates of your well are N: 08' 29' 118" E: 028' 55' 919". 

Thank you for your support and generosity, which is now helping to provide fresh, clean water, and a new future, to the people of Alatip in South Sudan.

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