Thank you for bringing safe water to Another Life Junior Academy

September 20, 2017
Rainwater Collection Tank - Another Life Junior Academy, Bukomba, Uganda
Installed September 14, 2017

Check out your impact!
·         You brought clean water to 45 people
·         You eliminated 0.31 miles of walking per day
·         You reduced collection time by 0.90 hours per day
·         You replaced an old Borehole Well with a Rainwater Catchment System

Dense vegetation and the frequent presence of animals and reptiles impeded the 150 meter walk to the local bore hole well for the staff and students at Another Life Junior Academy. Along with such concerns, 800 community members come to this well for their main water source every day. For these primary school students, an hour could be spent fetching water each day. After waiting nearly a year between our first visit to the site, the 45 students here now face a brighter outlook for their educational experience. Because of the generous sponsorship from H2O for Life schools there is more time spent in class and less chance of water-related illness. A rainwater collection system was installed off of the main school building, 2 hand washing stands, and 2 Sawyer Products PointONE filter kits were distributed, giving the school the tools and training needed to significantly improve water and hygiene for their students.

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