George Ntanda Primary School

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George Ntanda Primary School is located in Luwero district in the Central region of Uganda. The students have to walk across a busy road to the nearest bore hole well to meet the school's water needs. In addition to the students, approximately 100 people use the same water source for their daily. Due to inconsistent water supply, flow can be slow and students typically wait more than an hour to fetch water, and occasionally, there is no water available.
Fetching water robs students of valuable class time. It also poses serious risks to children at George Ntanda Primary School; there is significant crossing the road due to traffic along the route to and from the school.
Project Proposal: 
Installation of a rainwater collection system (RCS) on school grounds, 2 hand-washing stations, and community WASH education. 

Project Sponsors

Southeast Polk Junior High

Pleasant Hill, IA
March 4, 2019

George Ntanda students give warm welcome

H2O for Life team members visited 3 schools on February 6, 2019 where H2O for Life schools previously funded projects. The catchment tank and filters at George Ntanda School were...

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September 11, 2018

Rainwater Collection Tank: George Ntanda Primary School

Rainwater Collection Tank: George Ntanda Primary School, Kalagala LC1

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  • You brought clean water to 510 people
  • You eliminated 30.59 miles of walking per day
  • You reduced collection time by ⁠53.33...

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