Calvary Cross Junior School

Uganda 200 beneficiaries Luwero district

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Calvary Cross Junior School is located in Luwero district in the Central region of Uganda. The students have to travel 1 km to the nearest bore hole well to meet the school's water needs. In addition to the students, approximately 1,000 people use the same water source for their daily water needs, as well as sharing with neighboring schools, causing students to have to wait up to an hour for their turn to get water.
Fetching water robs students of valuable class time. It also poses serious risks to children at Calvary Cross Junior School; there is significant risk for mugging and crimes both at the source and along the route to and from the school.
Project Proposal: 
Installation of a rainwater collection system (RCS) on school grounds, 2 hand-washing stations, and community WASH education. 

Project Sponsors

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The Center for Early Education

West Hollywood, CA
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Westin’s Walk for Water

Calgary, Alberta

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