Salaik Primary School

Kenya 250 beneficiaries Bomet

Project Complete!

Salaik Primary is located within the vicinity of Bomet in Western Kenya. The school is located on a small hillside plot. Since opening in 1986 in temporary buildings, there has been a new classroom built each year for 5 years. The school now services students K-8. 
There are original Plastic Kentanks on the school grounds that provided water at one time, but they are cracked and not functional and too old to be repaired. There is no drinking water available to students on the school grounds. Gutters are in place on rooftops, so the addition of rainwater catchment tanks will work well. The available latrines are in very poor condition, and there are not enough to meet the needs of the students. 
Children currently must carry water from their homes, and also have responsibilities to carry larger amounts of water as scheduled to provide enough water for cooking a small lunch of porridge and greens for students. 
H2O for Life funds will support implementation of a water catchment tank and pump, latrines for girls and boys and handwashing stations. Through our NGO partner, the local community will make and supply bricks for the catchment tanks, provide locally sourced materials such as sand and rock, will clean the land and provide labor to assist with building the water and sanitation projects for the school. Hand washing stations and hygiene education training will be provided. School student hygiene committees will be created, and parent committees will provide monetary support for the construction of the project as well as ongoing collection of funds for maintenance and sustainability.
January 19, 2018

Latrine construction is under way

The latrine construction at Salaik Primary School in Kenya is under way. More coming soon!

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