Zappa Senior Mixed Secondary School

Nigeria 630 beneficiaries Asaba

Project Complete!

Zappa is in Asaba, located in the terrace of the Niger River. The school has a population of 302 girls, 300 boys and 28 teachers. 
Zappa School currently has no water supply. Students are requested to carry water to school, but often students do not have an adequate source at home. The school has 4 pour flush toilets that are not functional and need to be replaced. There are no hand washing stations, and a hygiene education program has not been implemented. 
The project plan calls for construction of a borehole well with storage tank, rehabilitation of the current toilets to make them functional and construction of 4 additional toilet compartments for boys and girls with the addition of urinals for the boys. They also plan to build hand wash stations, implement hygiene training, and create hygiene school committees and parent groups to oversee maintenance and sustainability.