St. Luke's Primary School

Nigeria 834 beneficiaries Nembe, Bayelsa State

Project Complete!

St. Luke’s Primary School is located in The Nembe Kingdom, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The school provides education to 320 girls, 502 Boys and 12 teachers. 

St. Luke's has an adequate water supply, but will receive filters for clean drinking water for each classroom. Currently the school has toilets that are non-operational and need to be rebuilt. This will include separate toilets for boys, girls, and teachers. Students and the community will receive hygiene education training focusing on the need to wash hands, use soap and keep facilities clean. Private Menstrual changing facilities will also be provided. As part of the implementation, student hygiene committees will be formed to keep facilities clean, and community committees will be formed to collect funds from parents on a regular basis to build a fund for repairs and ongoing maintenance.

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