Katoke Primary School

Tanzania 618 beneficiaries Maleba District, Kagera

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Katoke Primary School is found in the Maleba District, Kagera, Tanzania. It has a school population of 605 students and 13 teachers. In this school there is no access to clean and safe water. They have to walk for 5 km looking for water in a unprotected natural dam.
Because their water source is unprotected, it can be contaminated by open defecation, animals, people using it to bathe, clean and relieve themselves. Many cases of water borne related diseases have been reported at the school as a result of drinking this dirty water. Students also miss classes, hence there is poor academic performance in school. The Bukoba Women Empowerment Association plans to construct a rain water harvesting system and 15,000 liter tank along with 5 bio-sand filters to purify their water and make it safe to drink. They will also make soap for hand washing to provide for the school. By so doing, we will have reduced the cases of water borne illnesses and pupils will have enough time to attend classes.
As an organization we have trained over 20 women to construct water tanks and bio-sand filters as well as how to make soap. We shall work together as a team, to bring our children and their families clean and safe water. Through our project, about 1500 people will benefit from safe water and proper hygiene and health education.

Project Sponsors

Aid for Africa

Chevy Chase, MD

Wyandotte Schools

Wyandotte, OK
August 19, 2019

WASH intervention for Katoke students

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