WASH intervention for St Joseph students

August 19, 2019
In 2018 H2O for Life funded a number of women led organizations working in East Africa to promote safe water access and better sanitation services in schools. Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation was one of the beneficiaries of this funding. WWANC carried out a comprehensive WASH workshop at St Joseph Primary School located in Matoyi Village, Kakamega County, Kenya. Here is their completion report:

Please list all the WASH activities done at the school
  • Construction of 10,000L rain water harvesting tank
  • Making of Interlocking Soil Stabilized Blocks (ISSB)
  • WASH Education and Menstrual Hygiene Education
  • Construction of 2 ventilated pit latrines for girls
Construction of 10,000 Liter rain water harvesting tank
  • There has been increase in the enrollment of pupils during second term because the pupils no longer walk for 5km to the stream to fetch water
  • The school recorded academic improvement of 10% in the 2018 national exams where 3 students were admitted to national schools
  • The Pupils now spend most of their time in class, revising as well as concentrating on their academic work rather than fetching water from the river or stream
  • There has been a decrease in cases of water borne infection such as typhoid and diarrhea among the pupils since February 2018, this is attributed to availability of rain water for drinking at the school
  • Pupils can now wash their hands every time they visit the toilet since the water is available
  • Girls have been lured and assaulted by young men who take advantage of them when they walk for a long distance to the river to fetch water, such cases have not been reported since the tank was constructed at the school

Construction of 2 toilets for the girls
  • There has been a remarkable reduction in congestion because before the construction of the toilet about 300 girls were using only one toilet, implying that girls used to queue for over 10 minutes before accessing the toilet
  • The hygiene standard for the girls has improved because they are able to change their sanitary towels during their menses comfortably without fear of embarrassment

Please list any challenges you faced 
  • Due to high level of poverty in the area very little community contribution was provided
  • The construction process was hindered by the rains

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