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La Esperanza is a relatively small community, but it is growing: it has an elementary school, a high school and approximately 100 houses, or 500 people. The elementary school, la Escuela de La Esperanza, has 25 students, all from families with limited economic resources. 
In terms of its water needs, while this community has all its papers up to date, a water board in place, an agreement in place with the Costa Rican Aqueducts and Sewers Institute (AyA) and all the other documentation that a community water association (ASADA) requires, La Esperanza does not have an aqueduct, though the community does have a well.
This means that La Esperanza School, as well as the high school and surrounding homes, must supply its potable water needs from nearby streams or, during much of the dry season (November through April), from cistern trucks.
To better supply its water needs, this community needs a new water system, which the government is helping design. The community also was visited by Engineers Without Borders, an organization that has expressed interested in supporting water initiatives in this community. 
The project proposed here for La Esperanza School would address the school's water urgent needs while aligning with the community-wide projects that are underway. The project will install a pump, tank and distribution system (pipes and water meters) and electrical system so that La Esperanza School can be supplied with water from the community well.
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