Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls (Yr 2)

Kenya 80 beneficiaries 9km west of Narok Town

Project Complete!

Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls:
Things are growing at Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls in Narok, Kenya. Parents helped plant new trees, the dormitory is growing! But the water is still trapped inside the well... Think of the things that can grow with water: minds of young girls, dreams of becoming a nurse, gardens of corn and beans, cows to give milk, chickens can be raised which can give eggs to sell and help support the school... the possibilities are endless... except they are all 600 feet deep! So, we need a pump to retrieve the water to make it all happen!
Nasaruni Academy is situated 9km west of Narok, in the southwestern region of Kenya. According to Moses Sayo, the Nasaruni community is predominantly Maasai, who are pastoralists with some sporadic practice of small scale farming. The area surrounding the school consists of approximately 7000 families. Some of the main challenges faced include the illiteracy rates and poverty. Due to the poverty, families cannot afford the high cost of education, especially for their daughters, so the girl children are mostly given away for a bride price of a few cows.
Nasaruni Academy is helping girls and their families to write a new future full of hope, health, empowerment and success. Started by a local Maasai woman and her husband, the area Bishop, the Academy is providing a chance for education to over 70 girls currently.
Recently completed work:

Deep water well: Accomplished with help of H2O for Life. Drilled a borehole on the property (600 ft. deep). This will also serve the local population, once the water is
accessible and drinkable.

Garden area: GREW THE CROP OF BEANS which were harvested by the volunteer labor of the teachers. Now enjoying the dried beans.

• Agriculture is an area the local population desires training and resources in. Possibly Nasaruni could be a model site. Girls would learn skills and bring them home to their families.

• Garden is sustainable with the water from the well, in order to greatly increase the output. This will vastly improve the healthful diet of the girls.
Project Proposal:

Pump and Water System. One of the greatest needs to sustain the school and dormitory is access to water. The well is dug, but we are lacking the equipment to access the water and bring it to the locations in the compound where it would be used. Thus, we are asking for assistance with funding the remaining needs to make the well usable. This includes the piping and distribution to bathroom/dormitory & kitchen, the pump and pumphouse, storage tanks, and the means to pump it in an environmentally responsible way (solar).

Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls is already serving as a center of hope for the vulnerable Maasai girls who come from needy and poor backgrounds, as well as for their families. Our goal is to be a beacon of hope for the entire surrounding community. We thank you in advance for any way you can support this worthy mission. Without an affordable water supply, our school is severely hindered and in danger of closing. The current drought has made the situation even worse.

Project Sponsors

H2O for Life

White Bear Lake, MN

Salem Hills Elementary

Inver Grove Heights, MN
September 21, 2017

Clean Water! Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls


We are now enjoying water from the well at Nasaruni! Thanks in huge part to H2O for Life school contributions! A special thanks to the following schools:
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