Gaecha Primary School

Ethiopia 613 beneficiaries Woreda District

Project Complete!

Located in a rural district (woreda) of southwestern Ethiopia, the Gaecha Primary School serves 613 students with 14 teachers and 3 support staff.
Gaecha Primary School was established in 1974 and has a total of seven buildings with two buildings being the toilet blocks. This school was identified by the local educational department as having the worst latrine facilities of any school in the area. These latrines are extremely below standard and inappropriate for use. The floors are made of wood sticks and the walls are made of mud. In addition, there are no doors on the girl toilets leading to a lack of privacy and dignity.
They currently have a recently upgraded water system in the area. There is now a water point within the school compound that has reliable, clean water.
The plan is to build two standard ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine blocks- one for girls and one for boys. We will also partner with the local WASH Committee to include basic sanitation and hygiene education.

Project Sponsors

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St. Ursula Academy

Cincinnati, OH
April 17, 2018

Latrine Construction

School VIP latrine progress:
The Gaecha Primary School VIP school latrine construction (1 for girls, 1 for boys) is approximately 90% completed. Plastering, beam, column work and roof work are completed....

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