Mosorec International Academy (Handwashing)

Tanzania Tarime, Tanzania

Project Complete!

Mosorec International Academy is located in a rural village in Tarime, Tanzania. The school was built in 2014 and was up and running in January 2015. Plans are to continue to add more classrooms and facilities as well as increase the attendance and retention rates.
There are over 100 students registered, but most of the time, not all children are able to attend school as many families still do not understand the value of educating their children. Other factors also play a role-such as poverty, transportation, cultural norms and rituals, waterborne diseases, etc. The water challenges affect many students’ attendance as the children, especially girls, stay home to help with chores such as fetching water. By having water at the school, we believe this would help the children and the community; hence, increase student attendance and retention.
This project will be a new handwashing station

Project Sponsors

November 20, 2017

Drilling Complete!

What was done:
·   Geophysical survey
·   Water well drilling 
·   Water well covering/protection until the next phase which will make the safe water accessible 
Having access to clean safe water...

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