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Much of urban Cambodia has access to safe water and sanitation; however, the people of Svay Leu are far less reached in their remote, rural province. Only 10-15% of households have access to improved sanitation, and community members and leaders consistently point to lack of safe water access as a major obstacle to personal health and productivity.
School Water Access: This school’s primary water source was a drilled well located on the school compound, but it was not functional. In addition, there were signs of high iron content in the water. This drilled well is the only water source available near the school, and when it is not functioning, students have to bring water from home. Overall, this school is not satisfied with the current drinking water situation.
School Sanitation Facilities: This school had no sanitation facilities available for student or teacher use. One student with physical disabilities was recorded as being enrolled in this school. Despite the sanitation situation of this school, the school compound was observed to be clean and free of rubbish or feces.
School Handwashing Facilities: There were no handwashing stations present on the school compound.
Common illnesses: Cholera, cough or difficulty breathing, diarrhea, flu, scabies/skin disease, dengue, and fevers were all cited as common illnesses for the children. The student’s poor health was cited as a cause of decrease in school enrollment.
School WASH Support: This school did have an active School Support Committee, but this committee did not have a role in supporting WASH. This school has not had any training in hygiene and sanitation in the past and currently does not have a teacher responsible for teaching WASH concepts. The parents of this school are supportive of the school’s development.
At Chub Romdeng Primary School, we will complete a full WASH program for all of the children, which we break into 4 projects. In total, the program will include repair of the well and increased access through an elevated tank, construction of two 3-door latrines for boys and girls at the school (including disability-accessible stances for both boys and girls), handwashing stations near latrines to encourage handwashing, a school WASH club to teach children about WASH practices, and training teachers in our WASH in Schools curriculum.
This school is divided into 4 projects. The cost per class is dependent on the class size and with more students comes greater latrine and drinking water needs. Each project includes the cost for water, sanitation, and hygiene – both the hardware and the training costs – for the specific class level.

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November 16, 2017

New well complete

The students at Chub Romdeng Primary School now have a safe water source on site. New latrines will be built soon and should be operational by March 2018.

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