Santa Rita student and teacher talk about the impact of new latrines

April 9, 2018
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“Going to the bathroom was uncomfortable because we were afraid with the structure it was going to break and fall over on us,” remembers 12-year-old Luis Daniel Jirón Abarca, student in the Santa Rita School in Quizaltepe, San Lorenzo. 

"We used the old latrines, or sometimes we went to our homes or the neighbor’s house because we felt unsafe," said Luis.

Now the students are happy because of the latrines that El Porvenir assisted with in their school; "we feel good because we have new and clean latrines in the school. El Porvenir also taught us to wash our hands after each use," says Luis.

The project has had a positive impact on children, said Pascual Alvarado, a teacher at the rural school.

"This has been very good for the student population because the children were afraid of going to the latrine, it has even had a great impact on improving the health of the students," Alvarado expressed.

Each student has a turn to clean the latrines and others help the preschool students to use the toilet properly.

"With the health talks given by El Porvenir, the children have learned hygiene and the proper use of latrines," Alvarado said.

The latrines are used by the 48 elementary and preschool students as well as three teachers in the school.

- Thanks to Forestview Middle School, MN for supporting this project!

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