WBL Rotary Collaboration

New Bore-Hole Wells at the following schools in Uganda:
  1. Alelelele Primary School
  2. Koch Laminlatoo Primary School
  3. Paminyai Primary School
All three schools are in the Gulu area of northern Uganda.

Alelelele Primary School is located in the Paminyai sub-county of the Nwoya district in northern Uganda. The school had a shallow well at one point, but it was not deep enough and had been broken for a long time. The district has tried several times to repair or rehabilitate the well and is now saying it is not fixable and a new well needs to be drilled. The school's pupils are currently getting their water from an unprotected waterhole. This water is unsafe to drink, and the school urgently needs a safe water source. We will survey the school property and find a better location to drill where we can go deeper and provide them with water all year round.

Koch Laminlatoo Primary School has never had clean water and urgently needs a well. 
Paminyai Primary School is in urgent need of clean water. The district dug the school a shallow well many years ago, but it is not working, and the water is being contaminated by the nearby latrines. The district water office and school board asked us to consider drilling a deep well for them as a drilled borehole well will fix their problems.

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