Mafi Adadekope Community School

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Mafi Adadekope is a rural community located in the Volta region of Ghana with a population of approximately 2,500 people. The major economic activity in the community is subsistent farming, trading, and hunting. The people are very friendly and accommodating. 

Mafi Adadekope Community School was established in 1963 by the Government of Ghana in partnership with the community. The school has not received major development from the government since its establishment, so the community members always come together to support the school through communal labor with the support of other organizations. Being the only school in the area, the school population currently stands at 137 students from kindergarten to grade 9. 
Unfortunately, the school does not have any source of safe water. The students have to fetch water, several times per day, from a community water source which is dirty, stagnant water that can lead to waterborne disease and illness. According to the leaders of the school, the lack of water negatively affects teaching, learning, and the promotion of hygiene among the pupils.
Our implementing partner, Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS), will oversee the installation of a water catchment tank as well as the drilling of a borehole well. This will ensure there is plenty of safe water for all students at all times. The community will provide labor and much of the building materials (lumber/cracked stones), which can be found locally. VARAS will be in charge of ensuring the success and sustainability of this life-changing project.

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