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The Navajo Water Project, a program of DigDeep, is a community-managed utility alternative that brings clean, hot and cold running water to homes without access to water or sewer lines. Currently, 1 in 3 Navajo do not have access to running water in their homes. Importantly, the Navajo Water Project is Indigenous-led and supported by the leadership of community members, chapter houses, and local partners. The Navajo Water Project serves families across the Navajo Nation with teams based in Thoreau, NM; Navajo Mountain, UT; and Dilkon AZ. Traditionally, a large focus of the Navajo Water Project has been the installation of Home Water Systems, which provide running water and solar power for one home. We also develop new water sources and deliver water to homes via our water trucks. In 2020, we added 1,981 square miles to our water delivery routes! Ongoing water delivery service to homes where we have previously installed Home Water Systems (which contain a 1,200-gallon water cistern), is a vital part of our work. It ensures viability of the systems and ongoing clean, running water access. Additionally, it helps support the ongoing cost of vehicle maintenance, fuel, and insurance, keeping more trucks delivering water to our clients.
  • Gallons Delivered by DigDeep Each Month: 1,200 per family
  • Total Families Served by DigDeep Each Month: 319
  • DigDeep's Water Delivery Cost per Month: $53 per family
  • Potential People Served with a gift of $1,325: 100 or approx. 25 families
  • Potential Gallons Delivered: 1,200 per family or approx. 30,000 gallons total

Project Sponsors

September 21, 2023

Navajo Water Delivery Impact

We are so grateful for DigDeep's incredible support and continued partnership. It is our pleasure to share this update from our implementing partner, DigDeep, about the impact of their water...

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