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The District Health Office has identified Mabo Kunda and Sakala as having the highest rates of waterborne illness in the district. These communities in Zambia currently rely on the local school's hand pumps for water, but the pressure of so many users results in constant breakdowns and conflict between the schools and the communities they are in. Many people go back to unprotected open water sources or streams when the hand pumps are down.

Water4, our implementing partner, is planning to construct NUMA piped water systems in the communities around these 4 schools: Kafubashi, Mabo Kunda, Sakala, and Chipundu. 

A NUMA system includes a solar-powered central NEXUS station with filtration & pumping technology, and up to four NODE extensions linked to the NEXUS to serve as satellite water distribution points.  
There are between 5 to 8 teachers living on each school campus who will also have the water piped directly to their on-campus residence. By providing safe water for teachers and staff, more teachers are willing to stay in these rural areas rather than transfer to a more urban school district. 
With new NUMA piped water access points at their school, students will have access to purified water at home and at school, meaning they will never have to return to an unprotected water source. Sanitation and hygiene training will also be conducted so that clean, pure water truly becomes safe water.

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